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While I was attending counselling, my counsellor made me do this 1 particular assignment.

The assignment was:

1: Make 2 lists

( 1 List name all the positive things in your life that are happening right now)

(2nd List name all the negative things in your life going on right now)

2: Make a Venn diagram

(1 circle- put all the positive things in)

(2nd circle- put all the negative things in)

3: Between the 2 original lists you made, put the things from both lists that's neither negative or positive in the middle of the diagram.

4: The things listed in the middle of the Venn diagram are the things that you need to either A) improve on OR B) Get rid of from your life.

5:Set a small REALISTIC GOAL that you can achieve, so you can either improve or get rid of the things in the middle of your life.

**NOTE**- When you either improve or get rid of something from your life you have to maintain your improvement OR if you get rid of something from your life, you actually get rid of it. Burn it, throw it away, or whatever you decide. Just make sure the paper that it's written on no longer exists. It's done, It's dealt with, DO NOT BRING IT BACK!!

6: When the small goal is achieved, set another small goal and work on the next thing.

After awhile your list will get shorter & shorter and the more times you do this assignment the easier it will get.

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