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When i was attending councelling, my councellor asked me to make 2 lists.

LIST 1- This list was write down all the positives that in your life and happening RIGHT NOW!

LIST 2- This list was to write down all the negative things that are in your life RIGHT NOW!

Now,on a separate piece  of paper draw 2 huge circles but make sure the 2 circles come together in the middle. Now fill in each side of the big circle with the 2 lists you made earlier. If anything from your lists end up in the middle section of circles because it's both negative & positive, there's a likely chance that you can improve on those things.                                       

Those who strive for the highest place, will rise the highest- Vector

Lara's Positive Motivation

When someone tells you that you can't; look at them square in the eye and whisper      "watch me"

You are the